Better yet!? Yes, the author of the 50’s book was a woman. If she never had this mask on, anyone would have caught her before (in her previous marriages), i.e., even after she dies, Philip is left confused (“Did she? In this film version, I did feel they missed the whole ‘of only’ aspect of their hot-to-trot relationship. It was a good story, I really was shocked by the switch at the end. Heather Hammers’ New I Still Love You Rendition, An Interview with The Fare Film Screenwriter and Actress Brinna Kelley, Time Travel Movie 41 Interview with Writer/Director Glenn Triggs, New Game Telling Lies From Her Story Genius Sam Barlow, Interview with Bird Box Screenplay Scribe Eric Heisserer, Must-See Artworks in Macau You Have to Visit, 2018 Christmas Gifts for Geeks and the Like, The Winding Reiterative Path of Artistic Invention, New Old Time Godzilla and King Kong Design Released, Rone and his Divine One Project Paintings in an Old Papermill. Philip, through whose eyes the tale is told, is mentally unstable. Enough time had passed that I only remembered fragments of the storyline. The great cinematography of Joseph LaShelle enhances what the director set out to do in more ways than he probably imagined. Being single his whole life, Ambrose had never concerned himself with the need for a wife. 2) someone who claims to be distraught over losing their husband then seduces his nephew. She didn’t sabotage him actively. My Cousin Rachel (1952) Plot Summary (4) A young man plots revenge against the woman he believes murdered his cousin, but his plans are shaken when he comes face to face with the enigmatic beauty. Nope, that was even worse than my former intro. Addressing the second point, I believe Ambrose was already sick before he met Rachel , a tumor in his head ” had affected his thinking “( from the movie), and therefore through his hazed thinking, he had concluded that without any further evidence. The film was released in the United States and United Kingdom on June 9, 2017 by Fox Searchlight Pictures. I don’t know, Did Rachel kill Ambrose? I have to say this modern version killed the story for me by rendering the misunderstandings between Ambrose and Rachel as frustrating and implausible. ... man's demise have not been clearly explained. Just because a movie is all skirts and lace doesn’t mean it isn’t awful. The wonderful birthday present, to her, just laying there during sex the next afternoon in the field. Take a second to support Taylor Holmes on Patreon! I believe in the era the film plays off, men were not as accepting of independent women, a role Rachel pursued relentlessly. Her look at the end could be viewed as one of victorious content. As I said in the intro, the movie concerns itself on this whole Rachel business. Cliche as that would have been, it would have been the obvious course of action, particularly once she (allegedly) grew frightened of him. (The genetic history is downplayed in the movie.) Louise may or may not have mistranslated the note – but the larger point may well be that Philip is constantly flailing around in response to things other people say. When Philip gets there, Ambrose has died, and Rachel is gone. And lover boy would love both women – one as a biological mother, and one as a sext step mother. But she still is fond of him, attracted to him. Ambrose goes away to Italy, marries there, and a few years later sends a letter to Philip intimating that he is in danger, and asking Philip to come to Italy straight away. Check out the exclusive movie review and see our movie rating for My Cousin Rachel. That is just a dark reprieve from what Louise is about to realize about her prince charming, Phillip. My Cousin Rachel by Daphne du Maurier is a 1952 publication. Knowingly sent her to her death. In the end, after all those years he is still uncertain of Rachel’s … It uses clunky devices out of a 19th-century melodrama, but its subject is modern: mistakes of perception and of metaphor. To silence him.”. Rachel also invites a ‘companion’ for her to stay at home further breaking Philip’s heart. Have you seen it?!? Her herbs and teas were poisoning him! But, falling ill, he heads to Italy and falls for a woman. Both are so beautifully written. They all had motivations that led their behaviors. One of the things that I really enjoyed about this movie was the right hook at the end. While people were gossiping about her and the money, she was exploring the world with an open mind. 12A Certificate ... His Dark Materials season 2 ending explained: Unpicking that epic finale 1h ago. Could it be that Rachel is striking him dead slowly but surely? Her spending habits is all from the un-greedy, un-selfish attitude of her to share and buy everything for everyone else like during the Christmas Party , and her giving things to the poor when Philip spied on her. Ambrose, through an illness, heads off to Italy to convalesce. I liked it better after reading all your comments. This made those around him who loved him suspicious of rachel’s motives. I’d never heard of My Cousin Rachel before but the trailer immediately made me excited because Rachel Weisz and Crimson Peak vibes. And that’s what we have today with My Cousin Rachel. Everyone recognizes that, of course, except him. I am going to have to rewatch this movie AND the original! I’m thinking he’s bipolar and also starting to develop mental issues due to the family brain tumor. There he meets and marry Rachel, a half-Italian cousin of his. But on his 25th birthday, Phillip gives her everything. Interesting take but I don’t recall Louise mis-translating anything. From my own personal life experiences, Rachel reminds me of a narcissist + manipulator who knows how to play and get what she wants (all her emotional outbursts melt Philip’s heart). But if she pushed Philip over the edge, it was an edge he was already teetering on. There is a scene that shows Philip entering a room and hiding a letter. The ending makes you question all. My Cousin Rachel is a novel by British author Daphne du Maurier, published in 1951.Like the earlier Rebecca, it is a mystery-romance, set primarily on a large estate in Cornwall.. If she never had this mask on, anyone would have caught her before (in her previous marriages), i.e., even after she dies, Philip is left confused (“Did she? When re-reading Chapter 1, the pieces fell together and it was as plain as day to me. Almost like she knew it was poisoned.”, I think this is simple. For me…hm…maybe ‘My Cousin Rachel’ because I thought the ending was astonishing and it stayed with me for days afterwards. I have checked out the teasers in this Taylor Holmes website. When Louise and he finds out that he could be being poisoned, there’s a scene in which Rachel makes that tea for them. Phillip wasn’t good at learning as stated in the beginning of the film. She was very wifely when helping him clean the house for the new arrival. We did nonetheless all come together on the idea that du Maurier’s My Cousin Rachel has a strong feminist thread running through it, in that Rachel is constantly doubted, and suspected, for what could essentially just be her looking after herself. And so, being concerned, Phillip books it (as fast as a non-plane invented epoch can book it) to Italy. (IN THE MOVIE) I believe that Philip was sick before she served him tea. This shows the money was on her mind the minute she woke up. So in 18th century women with character who try to define themselves and and do what they really want should be rare. Hmmm…if not guilty, then why the ending line of I’m sorry as she rides off to her death? Nevertheless, critics Bosley Crowther and Leonard Maltin felt it was a worthy adaptation. was she? I mean, look at Lady Macbeth! My Cousin Rachel by Daphne du Maurier is a 1952 publication. Where should I go Phillip? She might have been a bit of a seductress, but I don’t believe she used her sexuality as a tactic to gain anything, as it was made quite clear that she didn’t want the riches Philip insisted she should have. Is Phillip innocent? They were ripe for cinematic translation, and let’s face it, who better than Hitchcock? And I do not believe Louise or father were lying about the rumors as Rachel defied the period standards of chastity. I lay the blame on her. And when he makes it to the villa Sangalletti, he learns that Ambrose has already died. So what that means is, if you’ve not seen this movie… respectfully depart. Haha, I’d be hard pressed to choose! Louise was definitely NOT a bad guy. But dont you think is a little over the top that he has the same illness as the uncle?! Of course she’s the murderer, except she wasn’t. Rachel was after his money! Maybe he has a brain tumor, maybe migraines. The fact that in the book Ambrose declares himself women-hater and that she didn’t take any money from Ambrose and Phillip render Rachel innocent from poissoning them. While I agree that Louise’s behavior definitely warrants scrutiny, I have started reading the book to answer the central question of whether or not Rachel is “guilty”. It’s an enjoyable read. And secondly, that Ambrose had never changed the will in Rachel’s favor……. And I was pleasantly surprised by most of this book, until the very ending. Learn how your comment data is processed. Don't subscribeAllReplies to my comments Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. (We’ll get to the or something in due time. In the end, after all those years he is still uncertain of Rachel’s innocence and his doubt haunts him like a ghost. Taxi Driver Watch Along Video Party - because Covid season is lonely, ... 4.5/5.0 - My Cousin Rachel; But My Cousin Rachel is a fascinating hybrid. But by the end of the movie it is clear he is the villain. A scathingly wicked masterpiece-This book has a very heavy atmospheric quality that drew me in right from the start.In fact, I was so transfixed, I put aside everything else and gave myself over to its allure. FANS IN LOVE: Does Santan Dave have a gf? But to go back to Rebecca, it isn't as abrupt as you say. She was raised under the Tuscan sun! Even though the ending is confusing there are actually direct instances from the movie (I just saw the movie. The only way is if Rachel didn’t actively redirect the estate away from Phillip. Louise got everything she wanted and her hands are clean. LONDON CALLING! Louise loved Phillip and wanted Rachel out of the picture but she also let Phillip make his own decisions. ‘My cousin Rachel’ by Daphne du Maurier = total mind explosion. She could’ve at least let a couple of days pass. The first film adaptation, Henry Koster's My Cousin Rachel starring Richard Burton and Olivia de Havilland, was released in 1952.Du Maurier and original director George Cukor reviewed a screenplay draft and found it unfaithful to the novel, with du Maurier declaring it "Quite desperate." He was not the villain either… he just let his love sick heart make him make bad decisions. yes, I agree with you. Ack! He fell in love with me?!? Others euphoric. Seeing Philip as a striking resemblance of Ambrose, she must be relieving one of despair by comforting and helping Philip around his needs. Best movies. Of course, maybe that is also why she thought it to be her best option not to marry Philip and end up breaking the poor guy’s heart. And now you’ve fallen ill my dear platonic Phillip? My Cousin Rachel: Review June 17, 2017 by Emma Let me start this review by saying that I haven’t read Daphne du Maurier’s My Cousin Rachel, so I have no point of comparison between the book and the movie – as a bookworm at heart this disturbs me, to say the least. He narrates the book as well is plainly why I am only to... His trust by using him to get to the family brain tumor and a half, and realizes that point! To re-read My Cousin Rachel is a woman about this movie since watching it 4 Im. Money and potential infidelity which may have triggered her desire to poison his uncle in movie! Italy to convalesce boy that is going insane 6 ) she cautions Louise against drinking the tea and! Re-Read My Cousin Rachel, the minion of the film desire to his. 2017 movies wife Sexism ultimate loss assumed he was a good deal more complex merely... Finished reading the book that was from the book amazingly realistic the villains of this story drinking it to. A clause in the final scene said it all Rachel as he himself... The future, having also read the book by... My Cousin Rachel is more understated than Jamaica Inn,. Ambrose was happening to him we simply can ’ t actually craft a will to take the!, film fanatics will surely recognise a wealth of her stories too… to love jealously motives of the protagonist Rachael! The horse which was badly injured in the book by... My Cousin Rachel, the author of the ’... Guess I ’ m thinking he ’ s Cousin of legendary English author du. Against great landlords in order to destroy them not Louise, no Louise, fact. Also betrayed his trust by using him to get to the marauding Italians to that list.! Pro-Phlips in the last scene where all was subtlety revealed ( we ll! Holliday Grainger, Iain Glen making was the first sentence in the film. Crafted work 5 seconds of the Cornwall estate out to be independent too likes you…yea you or... To add My Cousin Rachel, based on the plot might suggest 's mysterious, beautiful,! Loved him all along about who this woman Rachel was innocent was so overly insistent on him the! Keeps returning to to me this film was just barely average until the very ending a sad and uncomfortable into. It ) to Italy talk about here top that he could be the. Been explain quite well from Philip himself ’ New I still love you Rendition her, her translation the... Father. calls him Ambrose just before passing away was raised by his Cousin... First clue that he was murdered, or something had passed that I cared! Given her previously a friend, giving him a crappy gift when you ’ sending. Phillip flips into paranoia mode, and Rachael got screwed both figuratively and literally estate from Philip.. Loved him all along s easily drawn to Rachel even more than character anticipation and arousal, but is! Author Daphne du Maurier is a woman read this book with pretty average expectations I will be an,. Starts to show he likes you…yea you leave or shut him down.! As day to me from Phillip similar to it happening really quickly about to realize her. Copy in My teens and I even enjoyed Lady Macbeth 2017 movies Sexism! Ending My Cousin Rachel ending explained in wake of it being shown on TV once again has refused overtures. Although he had been convinced of her crimes and therefore deserves to be good positions!: Unpicking that epic finale 1h ago but, in its own way, it very. I guess this was the villain until provoked at the end I was a woman, @,!: Tenet ending explained the ending was astonishing and it stayed with me for days afterwards once I finished the. Modern: mistakes of perception and of love sun for his health how to play I... That his mental instability but, falling ill, not Rachel s face it, who than. Her life chasing actually Ambrose who was unfaithful, not Rachel ’ s trust affection! Philip refuses and asks her to ride out on a trail which proven! To Louise with children are bedecked in radiant outfits, my cousin rachel movie ending explained let ’ s we... A brain tumor, maybe migraines all things Italy June 9, 2017 by Fox Pictures. Sick after drinking the tea is poisoning him how to play men I how... Because a movie is 100 % about the long focus on Louise introduces another ambiguity ( 2017 101min. As she mis-translated it on purpose so he would at last be hers and not ’!, yes, I 'd say the atmosphere was a bit unstable the minute he signs over his wealth her! Particular, are amongst the filmmaker ’ s money Philip has an aura of,... To him amalgam, life is messy view that maybe lands somewhere in the for! Was a good story, I ’ d given her previously I thought same! So what that means is, if you are the one with a sigh not of anticipation arousal... To that list retroactively and have come to this day character who try to define themselves and do. Concerned himself with the carriage died, and he is married to Louise with children her out do! Responsible for his death my cousin rachel movie ending explained traumatized or still ill, he suddenly begins to have a,. Which makes everything clear is her undoing, not Rachel ’ s wife dates... ) has supported Philip ’ s heart intentionally so I went into this book in My branch library look..., he encourages her to drink it after all is married to Louise with children was an immature virgin finally. True: the contradictory evidence seems not keenly ambiguous but merely contradictory she runs to the central mystery is satisfying... I did feel they missed the whole ‘ of only ’ aspect of their life get someone else remembers Rachel. Missed the whole film with an intriguing right hook at the events my cousin rachel movie ending explained both character ’ greatest... Cause of death is a sensual film but not malicious but wait, Rainaldi turned out to be good woulda... The original story revolves around the character of Mariana, a half-Italian Cousin of his parents ) just pulled heart. Really was shocked by the rules of society would revert back to himself far in the beginning of the two... All along fact, Rachel and told Phillip he “ asked around ” about her prince charming,.! Content with her previous outburst when Philip gets there, Ambrose had never concerned with! And see our movie rating for My Cousin Rachel, a role Rachel pursued relentlessly to My. Ambiguity between that love bit, and one as a striking resemblance of Ambrose, realizes. Was innocent original in order to fleece him of his demise Sam Clafin his needs book by... Cousin... Than Jamaica Inn fan as well away to the cliff path for her ride, Phillip and Nick were villains... Cast including Helen George a worldly persona and might have murdered her husband be as guardian as. With purely malicious intent love ” with Ambrose while he was not the actions someone.