Forums › Pellets, Projectiles, Slugs, & Ammo › Best for rats? Gold package includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner. My first problem when I got into this sport was the inability to purchase the best rifles on the market so we all agreed to settle for mint condition #52, I have two Bs and one C, two heavy barreled and one bull barreled. Here are answers to some of the most common questions we’re asked about sage rat hunting with us. Mid season can be all that, with days in the 80s and a couple of rain days in the mix. E-RAT-ICATORS. And the sage rats can take half of a farmer's alfalfa or wheat field. 541-306-9684 Idaho-Lefty. When it comes to sage rat hunting in Central Oregon, High Desert Sage Rat Guide Services has you covered. While you can use centerfire rifles such as .223 Remington or .204 Ruger, rimfire ammunition is preferred because it is less expensive, less loud, and has lower ricochet risks. Can't wait to get to Christmas Valley again! Belding's ground squirrel (Urocitellus beldingi), also called pot gut, sage rat or picket-pin, is a squirrel that lives on mountains in the western United States.In California, it often is found at 6,500 to 11,800 feet (2,000–3,600 m) in meadows between Lake Tahoe and Kings Canyon.This species is not of conservation concern, and its range includes some protected areas. The effective range of centerfire ammunition such as .223 Remington will generally exceed your ability to identify small sage rats in the grass. Bring the arsenal and be prepared for everything. The real advantage of .17HMR is that it drops less at 100 yards than .22LR. Best ammo .22 for killing rats! I don't need, "One Hole accuracy", I'm just, looking for Nickel sized groups at, 50 yards ( reliable, repeatable, minute of, Sage Rat Head, sized groups ). Don't let yourself run out of ammo. Full metal jacket ammo is not recommended. Most sage rat hunters use rimfire rifles. Your firearms will be firing a lot of rounds! I really did like the Yellow Jackets from Remington. 22 long and 22 mag are also popular. Centerfire ammunition works great, but is more expensive to shoot and is significantly louder. Rifle will be a .204ruger or a .20practical. Is it asking too much to have one scope that works good for all around coyote and long range sage rat shooting? 6-24x50 target scope for .17hmr on rats … Rifles are of limited value because of the surrounding neighbors (I am concerned about ricochets, and there is no 22 ammo available in Bend). If you want the best performance from your rifle, you’ll need to test the ammo needed for your barrel’s twist rate. Apr 14, 2020 #17 @ JSH & USMCDOC,. Plan on shooting between 200 and 600 rounds per day. The best shooting is from mid-April through mid-May. .22LR comes in standard (subsonic or nearly so) and high (supersonic) velocities. High Desert Sage Rat Guide Service LLC Hunting sage rats in Burns Oregon. Coffee, cold beverages, and munchies are supplied on all hunts. Bend is only 1 hour to the West from camp. They are super stable and give you superior visibility. We supply everything you need except for the guns and ammo. .22LR is effective to 200 yards, .17HMR is effective to 300 yards, although 300 yards is an awful long distance to shoot a rat at. MOA RIFLES 22 CREEDMOOR - IN THE FIELDMOA RIFLES FACEBOOK LEARN MORE ABOUT OUR PRODUCTS AND SERVICES HERE! Reactions: JSH and Idaho-Lefty. We meet at the Hampton Station Cafe. They have shooting bags and chairs with plenty of room to move around. Accurately predicting bullet design and optimal weight for a firearm when armed only with specifications and rifling rate is … This would never be allowed on Youtube. Our hunting field is densely packed with sage rats. Time spent loading magazines often becomes the limiting factor. For sage rat hunting, we recommend a rimfire rifle with a scope. We have 26 irrigated acres, watered by pivot, handlines, in ground sprinklers and flood. Counter-intuitively, when shooting at longer ranges, we recommend using standard velocity. At this time we are full for the 2020 season. There will be plenty of rats within 100 yards to shoot at. best to buy when you don't need it.. then you will have it.. while you are doing this to others . ARs require brass catchers. The 15.5-grain Hornady load is a bit faster. About sage rats (Belding's ground squirrel), Best rimfire scopes for varmint hunting under $500 (2021), Rifle scopes and red dots with shake-awake illumination, Precision rifle scopes for PRS/NRL competitions, Leupold FFP scopes - Buyer's guide for long range shooters, New in 2021: reflex red dots, holographic sights, magnifiers, prism scopes, and rifle scopes, Long-range first focal plane (FFP) rifle scopes, Mid-range first focal plane (FFP) rifle scopes, Ballistic tools for estimating elevation and windage. No. .22 Magnum Rules!! ... Expect to shoot 200 - 1,000+ rounds per day/ per person! Asked May 8, 2016, 1:22 PM EDT. Bring both rimfire and centerfire rifles. A 22-caliber rifle with a scope is the weapon of choice of the rat hunter because the ammunition is reasonably priced, although some hunters use the twelve-ounce “pop-ups” to sight in a big game rifle in anticipation of deer or elk season. There is a limit on center fire guns per platform. Most sage rat hunters use rimfire rifles. Come prepared for all weather conditions. of energy at 200 yards. These Beldings ground squirrels, or sage rats, are quite abundant, offering shot opportunities for the beginning shooter to … 18-01-2011, 09:46 PM #2. baldinio. Actually, except for sage rat hunting,if I think I am going to need to shoot anything biggger than a racoon or possum I drag along my 22 Magnum Kit Gun with WW 40g HP's for starters. The two popular types of rimfire are .22LR and .17HMR. I'm looking for advice for the best ammo to kill rats at about 20 to 30 yds! View Profile View Forum Posts Smoggerati Join Date Mar 2008 Location middlesbrough Posts 1,726. We have sections of lava flow very high in some parts with rock rising above the soil, other parts are deep sand with rock mixed in.. .17HMR ammunition tends to be more than twice the cost of .22LR ammunition. Rat Rigs are elevated platforms designed for safe, comfortable shooting. You’ll have plenty of targets to shoot, so bring plenty of ammo. E-RAT-ICATORS. It is not uncommon to fire 500 rounds in a day of hunting. If you have any other questions, please use the form on our contact us page or call 541-306-9684. Sage Rats are the best! Best rounds I have found are the CCI Stinger and Remington Yellow Jackets simply devastating on the vermin well worth the extra cost IMO. And going to go and buy the gun today. We have fields to accommodate  your center fires as well. Bend, Oregon Thank you Vimeo for allowing MrChuckHunter to show videos without restrictions.… Sage Rat Hunt Frequently Asked Questions. We try to accommodate individual groups on their own platforms. All day hunts include breakfast and lunch at the cafe. We are infested with sage rats (pocket gophers), and would like to markedly reduce their numbers. © 2021 Copyright Rat Patrol Sage Rat Safaris, Inc. All rights reserved. Awesome times Bring Lots of Ammo! The 150 grain .30-30 bullet hits with about 944 ft. lbs. Yup,. Make sure you bring your own hearing and eye protection. Soil is sandy loam. The nice part about using the .22 Long Rifle ammo is the [critters] don’t spook too bad, so a follow-up shot with a correction is usually available to get a better wind hold.” Even unsuppressed, a .22 LR rimfire shot makes much less noise than a centerfire round. High velocity bullets go transonic before they reach targets past 100 yards, encountering turbulence as they slow below the speed of sound. Sage Rat Guide Service Desert Sage Rat Hunts. Sage Rat hunting with slow motion hits. 41700 Hwy 20, Brothers, OR 97712. Burns is about an hour to the East. Sage Rat invasion! It will also work very well on small game, but will probably destroy more meat than most other types of .22LR ammo. I have shot a ton of sage rats with them and honestly, if a rat was laying on his mound, he would end up on the other side.

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