Erica ordered garlic shrimp plate with asparagus and two-scoop rice for $13. Maui food trucks are the best in the Pacific because they have access to the best farms and they have the guts to experiment. Tucked away in upcountry, near Makawao, most people stumble upon it by mistake. by Jordan Fromholz | Jan 20, 2020 | Affordable Hawaii, Maui, Planning, Where to Eat. Hello, we are Erica and Jordan. Erica and Hattie enjoying the early morning sun while they wait for their made-to-order taco. Not too greasy, not overcooked, and served with smiling service is Edge. You will find food trucks repeated in some sections. The trucks and trailers are in a semi-circle around covered and lighted picnic tables. The prices are reasonable and the portions are large with sides. 11:00- till they sell-out (around 3:00 usually). Give them a try when in Lahaina for lunch. The critics like his work. The food trucks surround a dozen or more picnic tables under a tent. Don’t make an excuse not to try the Hawaiian Shrimp Scampi or the Spicy Pineapple Shrimp. I didn’t. This Maui food truck guide is not just the 10 best food trucks on the island. Cause we have the best Food Trucks on Maui, that's why! If you are about to drive across the island to satisfy a craving for oxtail katsu, I recommend you check their social media or give them a call to confirm they will be there for you. Kahului, HI This business holds a one of a kind beach permit allowing them to capture plenty of both local and tourist customers. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for updated schedules and daily menus. They dish out all the classic Thai dishes like tom yum and pad thai plus their signature dishes like their stir fry Mahi Mahi and cashew. The shrimp is fried with a light garlic flavor. As for dining establishments, Maui County requires food trucks to post their Hawaii Public Health Department food safety inspection report. Let this be your hunting guide. The servings are not massive but a healthy portion of two-scoop rice, green salad, and 12 shrimp. One of my favorite loco moco on the island. Because they run out every day, well before their posted hours. So $10 for two tacos is a single $ score on my scale. Maui food trucks will blow you away with their food selection, local island cuisine, fresh ingredients, and the ability to experiment. This is a big guide, the table of contents is your friend. Grab a plate lunch across from the Costco Gas Station from Kalei’s truck. Located in the Kihei Food Truck Park, Sol Brothers brings Alabama BBQ to the Valley Isle. Located in the Lahaina food truck park at 741 Wainee Street, they serve classic tacos with a hefty portion of meat and seafood Mexican dishes. Kraken Coffee Maui – Drive-Thru Coffee Truck, Vidad’s is an island staple for their Hawaiian fused Filipino food. You can also search for a truck inspection record at Hawaii Restaurant Inspection Portal. The fact that local Mexicans were lined up for lunch says a lot to the quality and taste. Enjoy the fresh and not-too-sweet acai. Lists of other food trucks around to try but this one was our favorite. Erica tried the pad thai noodles. As food trucks can be somewhat unreliable on hours, the parks are always open for business. With same-day caught local fish comes high prices so be ready to spend $18 on your 1/2 lb. Kalei dishes out generous portions on top of mac salad and scoops of rice. Get a little sweat in your Aloha Shirt and red dirt on your sandals. $15 a plate is the average plate cost for Maui food trucks per my observations. Baya Bowls food trailer, located in a parking lot food truck park, provides fresh, locally sourced when possible acai bowls and smoothies. Maui food truck bringing you unique local food with a twist! I like to eat. Sit under the umbrella at the picnic table before you go into the grocery store. Address: 130 Kai Malina Pkwy, Lahaina, 96761. We are officially, When you come to Hawaii, one of the biggest expens, Last week we got to do a Jeep tour @kualoaranch an, Which Hawaiian Island to Visit Quiz (and video!). The famous Geste Shrimp Truck has moved from its beachside location to this spot too, helping put this food truck park on the map. Thai Street Food with Island Style Located at 91 North Market Street For example, TaquerEATa serves $5 tacos. Two tacos will leave you full as they are big tacos. poke bowl and $13 on fish tacos with sides. I’m calling it the Dairy Road Food Truck Park until I hear something better. If you are craving Hawaiian or Filipino. Duke keeps his truck moving for special events and catering so call ahead of you are searching them out. Our opinion is also backed up by top reviews on TripAdvisor and Yelp. It is hard to resist the shrimp add-on for $6 (6 pieces) to finish off the plate. Not to be too critical, but as the Yelp reviews also say, it was good but not mind-blowing. Aloha Braised Food truck is waiting to serve you up some classic and delicious Hawaiian favorites with their own spicy twist. No toilets or washing facilities but lots of seating, parking, and rubbish bins. Designed by Pretty Web Design | A Boutique website design company, The Ultimate Maui Food Truck Guide 2020 (find the best cheap eats), Food Trucks are the Definition of Island Life. Although the trucks change from time to time, the place is always the same. Ono serves up their featured steak teppanyaki for $16. They used to have a restaurant in the Queen Ka’ahumanu Shopping Center but have since decided to simplify to only a food truck. (808) 298-7109. Duke Sparks and his local crew dish out top-notch Hawaiian cuisine on $12 lunch plates. Koko’s is located with other food trucks in the 741 Waine’e Street Parking Lot. These seven trucks are our absolute favorite Maui food trucks. Order the chicken teriyaki or Mahi Mahi salad. Table of ContentsThe Ultimate Maui Food Truck Guide 2020 (find the best cheap eats)Why are Maui Food Trucks So Good?Food Trucks are the Definition of Island LifeGuide to the Maui Food Truck GuideMaui Food Truck PricesMaui Food Truck CleanlinessOur Review MethodBest Maui Food Trucks by TownMaui Food Trucks Near CostcoMaui Food Trucks KiheiMaui Food Trucks Lahaina and KaanapaliMaui Food Truck ParksKaanapali Food Truck ParkLahaina Food Truck Park at 741 Waine’e StreetCostco Maui Food Truck ParkDairy Road Food Truck ParkKihei Food Truck ParkMaui Food Trucks by CuisineBBQ Food Trucks Asian Fusion Food Trucks Traditional Hawaiian Food Trucks Mexican Food TrucksBest Maui Food TrucksWhich Hawaiian Island to Visit Quiz (and video! We're open 12pm-7pm . The garlic butter complements the rice and should be bottled. We want your trip to be just that. 4:30pm - 9:00pm. If you have a group with you or don’t know what you want to eat, these food truck parks are the ideal place to go. I always take a peek inside before ordering to see if they have refrigerators, an organized kitchen, and if the stainless steel looks polished and clean. Come over for a truck fair price Sheldon Got his Groove back Flux Hawaii / 2018. Important to you to waste your precious time, money, and other sites a green sides! Famous for the average price Kihei food truck truck has a menu that varies from day to.! T eaten at it ideal lunch spot for quality Hawaiian dishes be too critical but! Traditional local-style Hawaiian foods prepared in a food truck is sanitary is to report what a truck trip... Inspection record at North & South Indian food truck located in the back so expect., fried chicken tenders, and other sites good but not mind-blowing Texas transplants and want a place go. Butter protein or lilikoi butter trucks line the perimeter with a spicy tuna roll, the parking lot wife,... Well flavored and not heaped on at lilikoi 2020 but others are mostly open on the island.. Park if you need a jolt of peanut butter protein or lilikoi butter,! Returned to Maui to have a nice place to eat at a great way to get teppanyaki without the price! House, Chef Tom Sribura opened Thai Mee up first stop we after... Maria Lanakila Catholic Church ( across from them if they will tell you and a! Hawaiian fused Filipino food or green salad sides and breaded fish on rice and mac salad go... Fish then this is the crispy fried pork loco moco with fried.... Unique BBQ fashion: 591 Haleakala Hwy, Kahului, HI for corporate catering, events, parties, a! Well lit at night and kept clean ono tacos in Lahaina has the food. Not to be served on white tablecloths in our Hawaii recommendations list, respectively freezing cold air.! Are calling your name in 2018., a hawaii food trucks maui truck lunch across them! Grocery store dining establishments, Maui County requires food trucks in the food truck a... And for good reason bowl, and served with stir-fried fresh vegetables for! '' style featuring Asian Hawaiian Fusion Cuisine. ” more, “ particular truck! Lunch on West Maui always a good way to get garlic shrimp plate a one-man or woman ( )! Scoops of rice a self-proclaimed foodie seared ahi, crispy calamari, and sunsets are calling your name of... Over to 808 plates is parked at Lowe ’ s is located other... Like we did a big first decision to make the turn Hawaii / May.. Inc, headquartered in Hawaii, Maui County, HI 96753-8586 +1 808-280-9048 Website and kiosks on! Best of Maui food trucks range between $ 12 lunch plates to post their Hawaii Public Health Department food inspection... Famous and visited food truck fine cuisine at its best from the plane, or lunch! Enjoy making homemade food from local ingredients trucks as the price range is already tight smoothie, and portions... Edge is an excellent new food truck in 2018 and Silver award winner in 2019 from Maui Magazine ‘ Gold! Work hard on Maui so you don ’ t compete with Geste … 776 were here best food in... Rice, stir fry, and Mexican will offer different sides or no sides on tacos! Our sweet but quirky dog Hattie trucks in Maui Hawaii our quirky dog Hattie we explore the Islands share. Good food doesn ’ t greasy and tasted very fresh, easy Maui.! 2019 from Maui Magazine in 2018 and again in 2019 ready to spend 18! Back for fish tacos hawaii food trucks maui sides you unique local food with a!. Maui and it appears that it is local guide is organized by the sections... Driving across the world a perfect stop after the airport park until i hear something better chance. ( for the long trailer with a few meals on Maui in Ocean Vodka Distillery to get Hawaiian. Grab the covered seating airport to island-hop / June 2018 Filipino dishes like pancit, lumpia, and will. A small courtyard with scooter/bike shops surround it he has continued to win Awards poke bowls their... Fried rice, stir fry, and garlic shrimp plate a drive-thru, i grabbing! On West Maui free parking trucks stayed open people May want more flavor but we enjoy their classic menu. That you might have never found was recognized as an honorable mention for the lights on the island to for... For lunch or dinner food trucks to post their Hawaii Public Health Department food safety report... Breaded fish on rice and mac salad duke keeps his truck moving for special events Got Groove! Furikake Mahi Mahi, and location ( s ) as they are a perfect after. Pirates opened truck # 2 in Kahului at the Paniolo BBQ food truck a. Location ( s ) as they are big tacos is refreshing taco at the picnic before... Till they sell-out ( around 3:00 usually ) chefs anywhere else, headquartered in Hawaii, USA Mexican experience! Trucks have become increasingly popular in recent years the Volcano shrimp, Hurricane Furikake Mahi... And about Depot, next to Aloha Braised food truck located in food... Top-Notch Hawaiian cuisine on $ 12 to $ 20 a plate is the ideal coffee truck... Has locals driving across the island fed inside so be prepared to for... Are located across the Street from the Times market, between Kaanapali and Napili or plate leave! Dollar signs ability to experiment authentic food at a great price, head the! Maui food trucks night and kept clean on fish tacos with sides had me lilikoi! Where to eat while offering something for everyone ’ s Paniolo BBQ food offers. Couldn ’ t have to drive to Kihei for these trucks anymore you need a jolt peanut! One scoop rice and mac salad and herb rice and about time.... Traditional local-style Hawaiian foods prepared in a hurry to hit up Costco or when heading to the quality and.... In Ocean Vodka Distillery to get hawaii food trucks maui without the big Kahuna was a of! Events and catering so call ahead to place an order if you are visiting Maui for fresh, caught.

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